Shany Erkin was born in 1999 in Haifa, Israel. In 2022 she received her B.F.A. in Photography at Parsons School of Design. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Emerging from a lens-based background, her practice has grown into a more experimental, mixed-media approach. Using image making as a foundation, she composes carefully and looks intentionally. Regardless of the medium, the subject matter often reflects her interest in the intuitive nature within human psyche. Spanning from children’s innocence to ancient humans, genetics, and the all-knowing ‘gut’, she examines the congenital creativity that can exist in the making process and what that can teach herself and the viewers. Inspired by the Naive Art movement, Erkin utilizes visual language, theory, and reference mastered in higher education to construct objects in mediums she has no formal training in whatsoever. Her making process becomes an investigation into instinctual choices, inherited traits, and her very own milk-despising gut.

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